Things to think about


Put things in perspective.  Things may seem pretty bad right now, but we can always find reasons to thank God for what was spared.  Material items can be replaced:  that’s what insurance is for.  Emotional stress is inevitable:  that’s what prayer is for.


Everyone accounted for?  People & Pets.


Call family members – you are welcome to use the cell phone on the fire truck.


Call Insurance Agent  most companies have an emergency number for off hours.


Stop the Loss (prevent further damage) – if agent not reachable, consider calling a Fire Damage Restoration company.  They will board up holes and doors and possibly start removing salvageable items immediately.  This expense is normally covered by insurance.


Secure the House:  The boarding-up should prevent entry in most cases.  The Newburgh Police are usually willing to increase patrols in the area when requested.  Neighbors are also a great help in keeping an eye out.  In rare cases, the policy may cover having a security guard stand-by until the house can be properly secured.


Where will we stay tonight?  Most insurance covers hotel.  Several hotels in Evansville will direct-bill the Insurance.  For temporary help, Red Cross can be contacted.


What do you need out of the house?  Because it may pose a safety issue to enter the house, we will gladly escort you inside to gather necessities and valuables.  In rare cases, we may not be able to allow you inside, but we will do whatever we can to gather items you ask for.  (clothes, money, food, car keys, cell phone, glasses, contacts, heirlooms, insurance policy…)


What will I eat?  What will I wear?  Insurance may cover this, but until you contact your agent, Red Cross can help with these needs.


What to do with Pets?  Most hotels will not take pets (Residence Inn is an exception).  Can a family-member or neighbor take them?  Insurance will often pay for a kennel.


Shut off utilities.  Whenever there is significant structural damage, we will disconnect the electric and turn off the gas.  We may also have the water dept turn off the water (if leaking or possibility of freezing pipes).


If it is cold:  consider draining pipes, water heater, hot tub and other items that may freeze and cause further damage.


Was the car damaged too?  You will need to contact your auto insurance agent too.


Do you need a ride somewhere?  Family members and neighbors are helpful – and if they can’t help, someone on the fire department can probably help.


Tarps:  we will often cover salvageable items with our tarps to protect them from inevitable dripping water, which can drip for a couple of days.  We do need these back as soon as possible.


Clean up:  the Fire Damage Restoration company has amazing abilities to clean, remove smells, and repair.  This is normally covered by insurance.


What if I see smoke?  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, fires can hide and smolder in walls for hours before rekindling.  If you see smoke or flame, call 911 and we will gladly come out to remedy the problem.


Less-Immediate concerns:

Replacing Items:  You may have to replace items lost in the fire.  Work with your agent to be sure your expenses are covered before you start buying things.  You will likely need to keep receipts for reimbursement.  If you are not insured or there are items not covered, consider the following sources for second-hand items at little or no cost:


1      Red Cross of Warrick County         (812) 897-0390

2      Goodwill                        (812)474-2222 / (812)474-2230

3      Salvation Army                               (812)425-1375

4      St. Vincent DePaul Society              (812)425-3485

5      Mother Teresa’s Treasures              (812)853-6181

6      Your local church.


If you cannot stay at your house:

You may need to setup alternate delivery of mail or have it held for pick-up.

Do you need to cancel the newspaper?

How will kids get to school if not staying near the normal bus stop?

Are you expecting any visitors who may need to be contacted?


Area Business Contacts:

 Fire Damage Restoration Companies:

HASGOE- (812)618-0578


TRCI- (812)423-7066


Paw’s Inn- (812)464-3050

Woofers & Critters- (812)853-2046

5866 Warner Road

The Newburgh Volunteer Firefighters Association is a fully volunteer, not-for-profit 501c(3) organization.  Private companies mentioned within this brochure are provided as information only and do not constitute a recommendation.


 Fire Department Contacts: 

Emergencies:                         911

Station Phone:                        (812)853-7651

Newburgh Fire Department