Newburgh Fire Department provides many types of community relations and public education. We are happy to accommodate any school, daycare visits, tours of the firehouse, or home birthday visits anytime. If interested in any of these, please click on Community Event Request under this tab fill out the following request form and someone from the department will contact you. 

Please be aware we are always on duty. In the event an incident occurs during your event all or some of the Firefighters attending  may have to leave.

Along with community and public relations the Newburgh Fire Department also believes in maintaining a strong working relationship with the Media. Whether it be providing the media with information involving an incident or reaching out to inform members of the community through the media, one way or another we will ensure the media gets information to the residents of Newburgh and our surrounding communities. If you are a Media outlet requesting information please click the Media Request link under this tab fill out a form and someone will be in contact with you in a short period of time.


Newburgh Fire Department