Training is an integral part of staying up to date and prepared in the Volunteer Fire Service. We provide weekly trainings to our members. There are also many online locations we can go to receive further education. In the wake of Hurricane Katina the government founded the National Incident Management System (NIMS) which makes communications between departments that may aid others similar an helps to prevent barriers. The link is provided to go to that site and receive those classes. As well as some annual refresher training we require of our members. Below is the weekly layout we train on based on a weekly basis.

Monthly Trainings

Wednesdays 0830/1900

Week 1 Station & Apparatus Training Checking Trucks and Equipment to Ensure all are working properly
Week 2 Business Meeting Monthly Meeting of all the members 
Week 3 Fire Training Training based on Fireground Operations
Week 4 EMS Training Training based on Medical Emergencies
Week 5 Dive Training Trainnig based on Dive & Water Rescue Operations

Newburgh Fire Department